Your skin banks on its elasticity to help you look young as you age. However, over a gradual period of time, they can lose moisture and slowly wrinkle if it’s not taken care of properly. At Pro Age Medical, we offer a variety of skin tightening procedures that will not only help you maintain your youthful appearance, but also keep you looking at your natural best. 


We’re a men’s and women’s aesthetic treatment center based in South California, specializing in age management and hormone therapy treatments. We offer a multitude of laser and broadband light procedures and modalities to ensure all your needs are met. 


Pro Age is a Newport Beach medical center that offers skin tightening treatment in Southern California. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, call us now at (949)-517-0600. We’ll go over the detailed process of skin tightening, the benefits you can take advantage of, and our exceptional approach at Pro Age. 



What is Skin Tightening? 

Skin tightening procedures utilize non-invasive methods to stimulate the production of collagen deep within your skin. The majority of procedures usually involve laser energy, radiofrequency energy, or ultrasound to deliver heat to your skin. The amount of treatments needed varies person-to-person and can be put anywhere on the face, neck, buttocks, arms, and thighs among many others. 


At Pro Age, we recognize that each person is different and will often recommend different laser levels and areas of treatment during a consultation. Skin tightening treatment has many benefits for those who use them and we’ll go over what you can expect from this process. 



How Long Does Skin Tightening Last? 

Skin tightening procedures deliver on results, but require a good amount of patience on your part. Collagen stimulation after the treatment can take up to 3-6 months to see their exceptional effect fully take hold. 


Nevertheless, you can expect your skin to feel tighter, more moisturized, and youthful after everything is said and done. Moreover, skin tightening is not all that painful, as most of our patients have a high tolerance with the devices we use. 


To get the best results, you should consult with your doctor to go over your medical records. The ideal candidate for skin tightening treatment is a person in healthy shape. You should also notify our staff if you’re taking any medication or supplements that may complicate the procedure. You should also avoid taking any blood-thinning medication two weeks prior to the treatment. 


Skin lightening is not recommended to patients who are pregnant, dealing with blood clots, or has an infection in the treated area. There are minimal side effects to the procedure, but patients may experience some mild swelling, bruising, and redness. The redness will go away in a few hours while the swelling and bruising will typically take 1-2 weeks to subside. 


All in all, the results of skin tightening can give you a long term youthful appearance and most patients will be able to get on with their day after it has been completed. 



How Pro Age Will Help You

Pro Age prides itself on customer satisfaction and forging loyal bonds with them to create a dedicated group of people. We’ll make sure to go over any details with you regarding a procedure like skin tightening and reduce any service failures or operating costs on our end. 


We want to enhance all our employee’s performance to best suit your needs and meet all your goals and needs. Pro Age always has your best interests in mind and will guide you on the steps towards your ideal self.  



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