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Liquid Rhinoplasty

Liquid Rhinoplasty

A liquid rhinoplasty, or nonsurgical rhinoplasty, is the injection of dermal fillers into the nose to alter its shape. It’s a great option for patients that have isolated deformities of their nose, such as a dorsal hump or minor asymmetries.

Liquid Rhinoplasty Treatment, Newport Beach, CA

It can also be a great option for those patients that have had a rhinoplasty in the past and have minor irregularities postoperatively. These patients, however, require more expertise and care in their injections as the blood supply has already been altered following surgery and the risks of complications can be higher.

A nonsurgical rhinoplasty is also a great option for those that want instant results, may not be able to afford a surgical rhinoplasty, and cannot take a significant time off of work.

Finally, patients may also undergo a liquid rhinoplasty to “test out” whether they want to take the plunge and get more definite surgery. The results are temporary and you can essentially take your rhinoplasty out for a “test-drive.”

Benefits of Liquid Rhinoplasty:
  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Improve the functionality of your nose
  • Correct chronically stuffy nose
  • Improve breathing in old age
  • Boost your energy
  • Improve sleep quality

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