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FotoFacial BBL/IPL

FotoFacial BBL/IPL

Broadband Light or BBL is one of the most advanced forms of phototherapy available. With the Sciton BBL, inexperienced hands yield results like no other phototherapy technology available.

Anti-Aging Phototherapy BBL, Newport Beach, CA

At Pro Age Medical & Aesthetics each of our practitioners is chosen based on their experience and knowledge. We provide continuous training to ensure you have the best possible treatment.


The Pro Age FotoFacial is different from most. When we provide one of our FotoFacials, we want you to look your best when you leave our office. Our FotoFacial consists of multiple passes targeting vascular blemishes, followed by multiple passes targeting pigmented blemishes, then we finish the treatment with a comprehensive skin tightening procedure (SkinTyte) on the lower face and neck.

BBL / IPL (Broadband Light / Intense Pulsed Light)

With the patented technology from Sciton, your results are virtually unlimited. Sciton technology allows for the practitioner to “tune” your treatment parameters based on a number of variables such as skin type, sun exposure, tolerance, etc. Thus allowing for a much more in-depth treatment that yield spectacular results.

Below, please note results can be obtained with the Sciton BBL and an experienced practitioner.

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