As our bodies begin to age, the everyday functions we take for granted slowly start degrading over time. The skin can be a part of this problem, as the youthfulness you once had begins to sag with age and time. We at Pro Age Medical offer many viable solutions to help you deal with these issues.

We’re an age management clinic in South California dedicated to making you feel your best as you age. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the effects of gradual aging and prevent diseases that may affect you later on in life.

As a men and women’s clinic based in Newport Beach, we want to make sure each and every one of our wonderful patients is properly cared for and receives the most outstanding customer service. We’ll work with you to determine the best possible solution, based on a diagnosis.

Our services are divided into two categories: Aesthetics and Age Management. We’ll go over what each of them entails for the patient and why you should choose Pro Age as the team to help you out.


What Does an Aesthetics Clinic Offer? 

Our Aesthetics service deals with the maintenance and improvement of your overall skin. Much of this process involves the face in areas like the lips, jawline, and nose among others, also treating facial conditions like hyperpigmentation and acne.

There are many services connected with Aesthetics. Some of them include liquid rhinoplasty and liquid facelifts. Liquid rhinoplasty involves the injection of dermal fillers into the nose to change its overall shape. It’s a great option for patients that have deformities of the nose or for those who aren’t satisfied with its shape.

Liquid facelifts are a treatment that leaves you with a beautiful face and, similar to liquid rhinoplasty, fixes any surface deformities. The process involves injecting dermal fillers into the skin to plump it up. The goal is to reduce sagging and wrinkles and produce positive, long-term effects of anti-aging.

In addition to these services, our Aesthetics service also offers trademarked treatments like Bellafill, which adds volume to the skin in order to make it look smoother and firmer. Another non-surgical procedure we offer is Kybella, which destroys certain numbers of fat cells in your body to make you look younger and healthier.

If you’re insecure about how your lip, face, or mouth looks, we also offer Botox procedures to reduce lines in the face and lip filler augmentations to give you more plump, fuller lips. Aesthetic treatments vary in method and treatment, but the purpose of each is all the same: to improve one’s skin and overall appearance.


What is Age Management? 

Our Age Management services are concerned with the health and well-being of our patients. These commonly involve managing a person’s hormone levels or weight levels, based on our specific programming. They typically involve the use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) or Human Growth Hormones (HGH).

Aspects of Age Management treatments involve the use of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) for both men and women. While each treatment varies in function, they both have similar purposes (like examining your thyroid).

For men, in particular, BHRT Age Management includes the use of TRT to improve the symptoms of testosterone deficiency in the body. Some of these include excess weight, low bone density, and memory failure among many others. The process itself generally involves the use of injection shots that you can administer right at your home.

BHRT for women concerns itself with patients who are experiencing menopause or the effects of aging. Estrogen is added to maintain their hormonal balance within their bodies and takes place within a two-month span. Progesterone may also be used in preparation for pregnancies and to regulate the menstrual cycle.

Those are just some of the methods used in our Age Management category. There are many services available, but the general use of treatments in this service is to help you maintain and manage your body functions as you approach your senior years.


Look and Feel Your Best With Pro Age Medical!

Our dedicated team at Pro Age Medical is ready for any new challenge and we want to help you with the best treatments we can offer. Whether you want to improve your outer skin or better manage your body as you age, the services we offer at Pro Age will benefit you in many ways.


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