Dermal Fillers

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Juvederm Brenda van Loggem

One of the hallmarks of  beauty is plump radiant  skin.  Dermal fillers are subtle ways to increase the volume in desired areas of the face, chest and hands.  It improves appearance from the inside out.  And you don’t have to wait until you lose volume to get dermal fillers.  You may just want to accentuate what you already have (also known as augmentation).  Kyle Jenner is a perfect example of someone who has had lip injections done to provide more fullness and increased size.  A lot of people enjoy having their lips plumped.  Whether you want them full or restored to their original size, a natural look is always our objective. Dermal fillers can provide volume to many areas of the face.  Years ago we treated only smile lines and lips… Advances in aesthetics are continually changing and improving.  We now look at the entire face and correct areas previously never treated.  It’s extremely important o go to an experienced practitioners who is up to date on all the latest advances in this field.  When injected in the right areas, dermal fillers give you an instant lift.  We call this a “liquid face lift”.






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